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Seeking for Ideas in Building a Course

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Hi there this is Max.I am seeking for ideas in building a course for developers that does Web development & Python for startups.

So I was wondering what might be interesting to you? Here's my list of titles I have thought of for a course that I am building.

  • Test Driven Development with Django
  • Breaking Into Startups with Python
  • Full Stack Python Development for Startups
  • Startup Python Developer's HandBook
  • 3 Levels of Building a MVP
  • Data Scrapping with Python

Do leave a message in the comments on what you might be interested in learning or creating.

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Have you considered looking at a "after launch" phase?
I'm sure many of us tried launching startups, some even successfully. Doubt many of us have firsthand experience what do to after it's launched and got some traction.

It might be fun to look at the managing operational expenses, navigating 3rd party solutions, monitoring security, tracking user engagement, developing code base (startups are a mess from a code quality perspective, aren't they?), establishing the processes, improving performance and so on.

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Max Ong Zong Bao • Edited

That's interesting some of it might be more of a business function than development and tech stack related.

Since the early stage startup is focus on product market fit & traction than technology prowness but this might require more resources if one is to focus on it.

Like a example, you mentioned processes is a double edge sword and can be subjected to the resources availability as well as people who are involved.

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Yeah, you're right. There are still a lot of technical things that might be interesting to cover:

  • monitoring performance
  • approaches to monitor user activity
  • scalability
  • integrating payments service
  • deployments
  • restructuring the source code to enable collaboration
  • integrating reporting solutions
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Max Ong Zong Bao • Edited

Yeah...there might be tons of 1 liners for me. Which tools or something else can be used without you spending the engineering effort or resources in building it plus the stages of resources availability to get there.

Cause your engineering efforts from that point onwards has to be hyper focused. Hedging between keeping & getting a new customer/user, improving/developing features that your users is satisfied to continue paying, and use it often based upon the metrics & type of customers/users your focusing for different stages of the business.

  • Monitoring - Depends on metrics on what is important for the startup but this will be a off the shelf solution than you building it

  • Monitoring user activity - Part of metrics on what is important. This can be as simple as adding google analytics to a website or purchasing a user behavior heatmap/logging tool that you can bolt on when you deploy your next version.

  • Scalability - Depends if after launch day, this scales upto 100,000 or 1 million users the next day. If not I would just increase my subscription of a cloud hosting provider like DigitalOcean or Linode.

  • Payment services - It depends on what business use cases for this. Going Stripe or PayPal or snipcart might be a no brainer to me.

  • Deployment - It can range from basic deployment bash scripts to CI/CD service pipeline for automated deployment with test cases but it this is still subjected to resources and talent availability

  • Restructuring the source code for collaboration - It depends as a source code can go a long way till a new feature is needed to be refactored or there is additional resources to dedicate on that can be a deal breaker to users or customers.

  • Integrated Reporting Solutions - Part of metrics that has to be focused on but will seek out a tool that can be bolted on instead of building this yourself. Unless this makes sense in business strategy, resources availability & talent.

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Yes, yes and yes. Like it.
I'd personally be interested in a "behind the scenes" of the project(s) you've launched and what decisions you had to make in your particular cases rather than yet another "python django" guide.

Thanks for sharing. Hope it was useful

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