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I think when they say "We work in a waterfall model for our software development". I will always run away from them since if they are following it just means that they might be stuck in the stone age in their practices or technology.

Especially you're doing work that is focusing on creating new product or services and you will only be finding your code being deployed in donkey years which is not a company I would want to be part of.


Funny. One of my red flags is "we're a totally agile shop". 😁


Why? Because of teams who claim it but really aren't, or maybe dogmatic and inflexible leadership?

Yeah, I agree with Mark on that since being dogmatic and inflexible is something that will hurt the moral in the company regardless if they embrace either agile or waterfall method.

I had been in the military, it's really bad when your superior or the organisation has that culture which will snuff out the creativity of an individual contributor.

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