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Discussion on: Have you ever worked with an engineer who never leveled up?

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Max Ong Zong Bao

I agree in the office politics and boot licking skills might be one of the reason as well. Which he/she might not want to do it.

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From my experience, this was always the stopping factor and the reason behind moving from one to another company. Yet everywhere I go there is solid factor of egocentric sharks that just didn't like the colour of your socks on a Friday morning, or even worse you made them look like a fool in front of a whole team, putting their professionalism to a doubt.
These days the majority of developers take up this type of career for the money, provided you can just complete a quick coding bootcamp.
The worst part that bothers me is that many companies these days consider amount of years of experience you had as skills metrics, rather then what you can actually offer as a professional.
Hooray for mediocrity.