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re: Hi Estelle, that's a broad question. Who will you be teaching and what would be the goals of your lessons? When you say front-end, do you want to t...

It is especially to explain my job to my family. They don't know how internet works, but they knows how you use a computer. I try to explain to my grandmother a very small aspect of my work by making her do some HTML (like writing her name, put colors, font-size..), but when I have to explain it theoretically...omg, it's so complicated for me !!! =D

It is surprising that you have some students who don't have correct computer skills! Does it happen a lot ?

Wow, what a modern grandmother :). I would just focus on the creation of the web page, like you are doing right now. She'll understand what it means to be writing some code that way to produce an outcome.

My students do have computer skills, but in my opinion they could be a lot more thorough. Computer literacy seems more focused on installing and using apps these days than it is about the underlaying operating systems. Once go down the rabbit hole that is web development, it doesn't hurt to know a thing or two about the filesystem you are working with if you know what I mean :)

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