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Discussion on: The Dark Side Of The Magic

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It's up to you to decide, but people will skim articles this is natural thing for people to do. There are way to much information, people try to understand if it is even worth to read the piece or not. 10% of people are dyslexic (they have extra troubles reading complex texts). It means that a lot of people will take away from your article wrong message ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Jason C. McDonald Author

I'm also dyslexic, and a traumatic brain injury survivor who had to relearn how to read. I'm a professional writer with a college background in communication, and I've mentored ESL students, disabled students, and the whole gamut of reading capabilities. I believe in clarity in writing, but I also believe the reader has a responsibility as well.

TL;DR is not a positive life strategy. Incidentally, that was also a tangential subpoint of the article. Skimming is fine in its place, but if someone is going to take the time to comment, share, or apply what they read, they should first take the time to read throughly.