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Discussion on: Function vs Object

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Ok, not sure where to start here...

  1. Would you care to write your post with the right conclusions?
  2. "objects are not state with attached behaviors, they are holding a state but not state itself" would you care to explain it or provide the reference?
  3. "Functional programming is against manipulating state, it is declarative". Never said otherwise.
  4. "In FP they don't like to pass function..." full phrase reads as "they like to pass functions as values", opposed to most OOP (old generation) languages, which doesn't support functions as values, and instead they pass objects.
  5. Adding "Sorry to say" to salty phrase doesn't make it more respectful. Next time change the phrasing as well (or don't add "sorry to say"). The respectful versions would sound, for example, "It can happen that you arrived at wrong conclusions. Here is how I see the situation... <explanation>"