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stereobooster on August 03, 2019

WTF developers are talking about? Modern software development is a complex discipline. A lot of jargon, terminology, slang, emojis, meme... [Read Full]
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When it's done, I'll host the domain on my server, free of charge.


Thanks! 😀

Side note: I don't think it is possible to "finish" this kind of project, it is more like a living organism which you need to grow...


No problem, I understand. I have never "finished" anything 😂


This sounds amazing. And you are 100% correct that the jargon can be EXTREMELY confusing to beginners, such as myself. Thank you for sharing this!


This needs to exist. I approve - the more we can encourage new developers to get past the terminology and experience the joy of programming, the better off we are!


You could achieve extremely fast hosting and worldwide CDN with Amazon S3 static website hosting and CloudFront, even with their free tier. :)


Awesome choice too! I just wondered because an Apache Page is currently displaying

Haha, nice one. I didn't even realise there is already registered domain for that ( "" is more like working name for it. Current url is I didn't bother with domain, because I want to get some nice content first.

Thanks for pointing out that people may confuse it with actual domain.


Came here because of the title!

It's a good plan. If I ever saw a Urban dictionary for developer jargon. I'd be hooked.

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