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Discussion on: My Experience with Native Script and why I've Switched to React Native

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Mike Bybee

I worked with NativeScript for a while (after a few years of Cordova, which had awesome cross-platform support, but webview performance on mobile was just too poor for anything beyond the simplest of apps). I loved that I could use vanilla JS, but I ran into the same issues as web (reinventing too many wheels) plus - as you mentioned - a subpar tooling experience.

After finally giving React a fair shake on web and growing to prefer it over Vue (and Riot, and HyperHTML, and several other more lightweight UI libs which still led to reinventing wheels), I decided that it made sense to give RN a shot as well.

It wasn't always easy back then (~4 years ago, a lot has changed), but it felt like a breeze compared to NS almost right away (granted, armed with just over a year of React experience by then).

While I'm always eyeing the horizon, I haven't felt the need to drop RN, and in fact went all in by building web apps with React Native Web, and desktop apps with RNW and Electron (note I'm always eyeing alternatives to Electron too, but they usually don't stick around long enough to match stability or features), all from the same codebase (at least 90% of it shared on all projects now).

I pay attention to advances to Flutter when it comes to cross platform support as well, but I just can't justify a prolonged job search for Dart devs when it's so easy to ramp up JS devs to RN.

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Ethan Toney Author

Being able to write vanilla JS was one of the reason I first picked NativeScript.

I actually went the reverse. I started out with React Native and ended up using React on my web projects. I also considered Flutter for a while, but with the user base and support for React/RN, along with the strong documentation, it was hard to look elsewhere. (Though Flutter has great documentation, the app size is heavier than RN and the user base isn't as large as React/RN.)

Thanks for the comment, glad to know my experience with NS is shared by others who have dealt with the same or similar problems.