Hi, I'm Steven Braham

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I'm a member of the Next Web Top 500 Dutch young IT talents.

You can hire me as webdeveloper or online marketer. My key strengths are:

  • Literally everything PHP related (Wordpress, Laravel, Yii)

  • User experience (I'm studying for a degree in user experience design)

  • SEO

  • CRO (2 years of experience at a media agency)

  • Python

  • PPC ads

If you want to reach out, contact me on Twitter: @steven_braham or e-mail steven@braham.biz

Resume: https://www.linkedin.com/in/stevenbraham/

Portfolio: https://github.com/stevenbraham

Website: https://braham.biz

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Member of the Next Web T500. Mostly focused on UX and digital advertising. You can hire me to create a website or drive traffic, check out https://braham.biz.