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Discussion on: Why Everyone Should Learn Programming?

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Steve Pryde

I think learning programming also teaches you a lot about how computers and especially computer software works in general. So it would help people to have a better understanding of the software they use.

I'd like to think someday anyone could learn enough programming to create their own applications but we're still a long way from that. The knowledge required to make a decent application still requires a huge time investment and is not really feasible as a side skill for the general public. Perhaps people could learn enough swift or kotlin to make simple phone apps. That is doable. But a lot of larger apps require knowledge across several domains, such as databases, tooling, packaging, graphics, GUI design, servers, web technologies, etc. Most software developers will learn most of these but they are specialists. I don't think non-programmers will be able to learn it all as a side skill or at least not without significant time investment.

Maybe there is still some benefit for making small games as a hobby or understanding logic systems and systems thinking in general but I'm not sure. They teach coding in primary school now which I think is great for exposing kids to it so they know if it's something they enjoy, but after that I don't think everyone needs to learn to code.

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Suraj Vishwakarma Author

Yesss, understanding computer and the logic behind their day-to-day usage of software and web would be very useful for them in situations. I see programming as mathematics. We learn lot of things in mathematics but never use it in real life, but actual use of mathematics is not only to use those formula in real life but also to enhance problem solving skills and knowling that to every problem there is solution and different methods.

Programming along with developing software it can enhance problem solving skills and curiosity to learn more.