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Discussion on: Rate my resume out of 10.

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Steve Pryde

I agree with other comments regarding backend experience not being visible enough. Definitely list languages and skills in order from what you are most experienced in vs least (or perhaps in order of what you are most looking for right now).

As someone with hiring experience I would want to know how you used these skills in the past and what roles or duties you held. Not just job title (which you listed) but more importantly what kinds of things you did day to day. I want to know if you are going to fit on the team, where your skills will sit, can you jump right in to my projects or will you require further training?

The example projects section is great as it shows some of your talent. It would actually be awesome to describe how those projects were made and the skills you employed to do it.

One last point is that you spoke a lot about UI design in terms of what you prefer and what you see as ideal. However many teams already have their own UI specification and probably their own designer(s). Would you be willing to discuss designs and take direction from a more senior designer even if you disagreed with the design chosen? Are you happy to do the grunt work of just building out features or fixing bugs? Not that all of this needs to be on your resume, but with no listing of what duties you performed at previous jobs or in building your existing websites the employer has to make some guesses about whether you would be a good fit and many employers are very risk averse.

I like your passion and drive and I think I'd probably want to follow up just based on that. I'd take someone who is self driven and keen to learn over someone who ticks all the boxes but doesn't want to grow. 😉

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Thank you Steve :)
I also think that there should be more description about the job in the experience section.
Thanks again for your time and review, i'll send you a message with updated resume.