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re: Thanks Steve – I think that's great! I will have my culture questions as checkboxes (on/off = exists in their culture or not) as they need to be av...

The binary choices and simple design for these items make sense, especially if this is a labor of love. "Learning & Sharing" is good. Your users will get it.

When I mentioned communications, I was actually thinking about global teams and timezone complications and if that made it hard for remote workers. Maybe "Good team communications support?"

Is the site meant for pure remote companies or companies that support some remote work?

Yes, maybe something like this – thanks!

It's for both really! 100% and partly remote.

I've been thinking how to ask this from companies – how remote are you? I guess % is one option, but it makes it too complicated I think (we're 60% remote). I currently have a checkbox:

Remote first – hiring and working from all over the world instead of from a central location

and you can find companies based on that. I think that's enough. Probably I don't care to search for companies who are 30% or 50% remote, but I would like to to know if they are in a "remote first" mindset or not (office + two remote devs). Also, this % changes all the time!

Anyways, all comments about are very helpful! It's work in progress.

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