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re: UML is definitely worth learning, and there's a lot of good stuff in there when used sparingly. As others have said already, you need to watch that...

Sequence diagrams for interaction and activity flow diagrams for logic. The rest, not so much. Aside from that I also find use in ER and DFDs. One of the greatest uses is when I want to clarify things for myself.


I hear this same response from a lot of people. I think UML is a great attempt and standardizing modeling and diagrams. Its not perfect, and its huge, but I think worth learning especially in big complex software systems. If you give 10 developers a task to diagram something, and all 10 will have something different, some may be better than others. And you would have to learn what each of the 10's modeling shapes/components meant to that author, every time, instead of already knowing by learning and using UML once.

In big software systems in the enterprise. it makes a lot of sense to make a document/model/diagram that can be read by everyone, and is a proven way that works by software experts to describe or model something in that system using visual shapes/aid. And UML can be extended, its not perfect and doesn't always fit. But I definitely think its worth the time to learn and use, so everyone can be speaking the same language when it comes to modeling.

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