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re: I honestly can't imagine someone working as a developer for 15+ years without going completely insane. All old-timers are super weird if you think ...

Maybe profesionally but I can definitely see myself doing open source software development for decades to come.


Open source is a meme, but suit yourself

Because no one can support it for long enough. It relies on individuals and their enthusiasm which means that it is unreliable in the long term.

Projects like Gratipay (now defunct), Bountysource, and OpenCollective all tried to sprout up as a way to fund these angels who make our lives as developers less frustrating, but the generosity of other developers and million-dollar companies (who are built on these free technologies) is virtually non-existent.

Open source isn't sustainable. It's a meme big corporations are cramming down people's throats because it generates slave labor for them.

The only relevant open source anymore are these overengineered frameworks Google and Facebook release every now and then.

How about Bitcoin? Pretty impressive open source project?

Impressive, but Bitcoin wasn't built in Open Source. It was created by someone (Satoshi) and then the working codebase was released to open source.

I'm not saying that Open Source is useless. I'm just saying that most of the libraries and frameworks are not sustainable in the long run if they don't have a huge corporation backing them up. There are exceptions, of course, like, as you mentioned, Bitcoin.

You're missing the point big time. All code starts closed source. Why, because it sits on our machine if we want to be pedantic about it.
However, I have lived through and sure you have many new versions of operating systems and frameworks which renders proprietary code incompatible.
Don't even know why we are arguing over this, probably we are both right.
Happy Thursday.


I have mixed feelings about what we call open source today. I love it, but many large corporations have outsized influence that crowds out newcomers that can't afford to compete...making many liberally licensed projects more like faux-pen source.

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