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Discussion on: VS Code - You don't need a formatting extension (Prettier and friends)

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Nikola Stojaković

You don’t copy and paste snippets. You press a key and you get a snippets with the fields which you can change so you need to know what the snippet does before you use it. I’m not talking about copy and pasting random code from the Internet. That certainly isn’t something you should do.

I don’t know what exactly you did but people deal with complex tasks on the web too so I wouldn’t underestimate the job of web developers.

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I do web dev for a living, 16 years of it, 99% of what we do is easy, once you get good enough at it. Every now and the a serious problem presents itself that takes more than a day to solve.
I don't underestimate what we do, working for an agency I see messed up code almost every day and fix bugs for the most part. I'm essentially a firefighter versus a builder. Most bugs are basic mistakes people make when tired or rushed.

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Nikola Stojaković • Edited on

As I said, I'm not sure what exactly you're doing but I was not thinking just about messed up code. When you're working with the microservice architecture for example you can run into serious issues pretty quickly because of the complexity involved (like race conditions). Those are human mistakes but same human mistakes happen to other developers. But I can agree that on average, web development is easier than other branches (which still doesn't make doing everything manually justified if you ask me).