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Discussion on: PostgreSQL vs MongoDB

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Nikola Stojaković • Edited

Now this one is a bit different than previous discussions in my opinion because one is relational and other is non-relational database so it's more dependent on the actual need of your project.

This may be a unpopular opinion but I think that MongoDB (and non-relational databases generally) are quite hyped up. So far whenever I considered using non-relational database I realized that using relational database would actually be more appropriate (which is understandable considering most of our job as web developers is dealing with the data which has a clearly defined structure).

I haven't used PostgreSQL that much (I'm more of a MySQL guy), but we can look at it as Oracle database of the open source world. It has many amazing features and is much more advanced than MySQL (for example, PostgreSQL supports indexing of JSON while MySQL doesn't).

On the other hand, if you're dealing with big amount of unstructured data, MongoDB is great. I had to do this in one project where we had various products that could have different types of attributes and it's much easier to deal with than implementing EAV in the relational database (I'm looking at you Magento) which quickly becomes a mess and breaks data integrity, removing the point of using relational database in the first place.

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If just some attributes of your data is instructed, in PostgreSQL, you can put that into a jsonb column. It can be indexed and relatively easily queried. I use that for example when one of models receives a webhook with some more or less random stuff inside.

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Haris Secic

Great point. Most of people who dislike NoSQL is because they went on full to replace "relational" dbs. They should never be treated as replacement or alternative but complementary. This means you don't need 1 type of DB. It should be a resource limitation not technological one. Like you don't have enough people to maintain more than 1 DB system or it's too expensive to do so. I have project depending on 3 different DBs for now and it might get bigger. Graph DB or more speciffically Neo4j in that system cannot be replaced by SQL in terms of ease of use and actuall logic of data structure. However users, tickets, clients... are stored in PostgreSQL while geo data is in Mongo. No single reason is there to move everything to "relational" not even performance as it's quite fast this way. Geo service and postionig are indipendent of graph data. If one goes down other is usable and if both are up traffic from one doesn't pressure the other. They all depend on users which are accessed one per auth so SQL is not that much active. I know PostgreSQL has support for JSON and geo stuff but I took me 10 mins to setup Mongo and it works why would I bother with others?

Maybe now people realise it's not DB type fault it's you who pick it for wrong purposes.

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You have PostgreSQL and don't use PostGIS to store geo data, isn't that a crime ? ^^
Anyway you are right, I work with both, there are things I would never do with mongo (like complex geo-calcul with hundreds of gigabytes of geo-data, I understand that if you have needs that are only selection of points in an area, you don't really need PotsGIS), and other I would never do with postgres (typically storing big amount of ad-hoc data with ad-hoc structure for specific clients display (lots of geo-data for thousand of users, associated for exemple with unpredictable data that will be added later), or specific usage in general).
Also, you can always use a DB to do things it's not really meant for, like you can unlog table in postgres to improve performance (but you loose the D of ACID), or there is recent improvements in mongo that adds transaction (to add the A), but in the end, you should never try to find the unique or the perfect DB, they are meant for a purpose, and without falling in the opposite (like you said, too mush DB to maintain) you shouldn't try to fit a round in a square.
In the end, to me, it's not "MongoDB VS PostgreSQL" but "MongoDB WITH PotgreSQL", because I think they are the perfect combination for most of complete projects today.

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