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Discussion on: React: thoughts from an Angular developer

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Kristiqn Tachev

Great article ! Thanks!

I have invested more than 6 years of active angular development until i saw that it is a Trend for marketing to release features that where highly needed but they where delayed like 1 or 2 years. This was really frustrating for me and i needed to fork angular repository and reverse engineer some of the bugs that i got. One day i decided that i will create my own Dependency Injection and i have come up with @rxdi/core, later on i was researching for Web Components and i found LitHTML i love it from the first second that i saw it since it was a perfect fit for my understanding of writing components and i have combined them with rxdi/core so @rxdi/lit-html was born. here you can check starter application with all schematics that angular has for creating Component, Service, Provider, Guards, etc.

Later on i found that i can create really complex logic only with html web components so i invented @rhtml relaying only of writing web components which can be declaratively written and then hydrated from javascript code this way there is no bundle only html files. I will explain more further in some blog post.

As a conclusion i decided to invest some time to create my own stack in order to move fast and to know where the things break or how to change the system without any effort.

One more thing to put here is that @rxdi Dependency Injection is used also to create highly complex Graphql Framework for building API's

Angular inspires me to build these things so thank you ! :))

Kristiyan Tachev

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Lucas Otaño Author

@stradivario wow! That's really impressive, thanks for sharing all your work! I'm willing to see a post from you explaining all this in a more detailed way, it would be helpful to see some examples and comparison as well.