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Discussion on: How to Enable SSL for Local Laravel Sail Development using Caddy and Docker

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Kristiqn Tachev • Edited on

Why do we need a SSL for local development ?
I don't get it to be honest.

There is an issue with developing locally, not just with Laravel, where developers who are building saas products aren't able to get a clean setup for SSL in the browser. This makes setting things up like PWAs or Google sign-in buttons impossible if the certificate isn't valid.
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This is not true what problem do you have with PWA and Google sign in button ?

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Adrian Mejias Author

A page can't qualify as a Progressive Web App (PWA) if it doesn't run on HTTPS; many core PWA technologies, such as service workers, require HTTPS.

Are you trolling?

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Kristiqn Tachev

Hi Man!

Sorry that it sounds like that but no i am not.

Have you try adding secure origin to chrome flags?


or maybe running firefox


There's an exception to the HTTPS requirement in place to facilitate local development: if you access your page and service worker script via localhost[:port], or via 127.x.y.z[:port], then service workers should be enabled without any further actions

Does this sound like a trolling ? :)

You made it possible by hard way which is for running it on the server certified but there is a way to do it without introducing these flows.


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Adrian Mejias Author • Edited on

I was absolutely not asking for your help.

Just push your comment out and let the community read upon it.

Also, if anyone isn't signed up for Hacktoberfest, you can do so here:

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I need it to test paypal webhooks, they don't work if the endpoint is not https, even in the sandbox version