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You are so right, perfect article.
My friend told me to be devoted to front-end and to learn it, in February it will be one year since i started learning i finished the FreecodeCamp as well but some projects are needed to be made to get that click :)
During all the learning and projects i have advanced so much, and mostly because i enjoy what i do and i hope that you do as well :)

Again Thumbs up for the Article 10/10 :)


Thank you for your kind words, they mean a lot!
Your friend is a wise one! Wow, that a great achievement, well done! I'm still working through the challenges myself , but so far so good!
That is key; enjoying what you do. It took the longest time to figure that out but now that I've realized how much I enjoy to code, it really is a blessing!
Best of luck with the projects and if you ever need help, you have the BEST people in the dev community who can help! :D

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