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It is definitely a topic worth to discuss.
For my eyes comfort and sight :D, I have downloaded flux which sets the tone color of your screen according to the local time you have.

I remember 2 years ago when I appeared in front of my friends and they could literally see veins on my ehh eye bags(sorry if the term is not correct, when you don't get enough sleep those bags under eyes ehh.. sorry for bad explanation xD but I hope you get the term) After I have installed flux my eyes felt really comfortable so that's the one I recommend for the Eyes.

Also, one thing that helps me out big time is going to the gym, if there is any stress that I felt in not being satisfied with my code or that something did not work the way I left it, you can take it all out in the gym :D
If you don't plan to go to the gym, then a walk on the fresh air will help.
Because always remember:

No Stress No Problems :)


Gym is part of my morning routine. It just fill you up with all the positive energy to start your day.


Agree, I would go in the morning, as I am from a small city we have only one Gym, and it opens at 12 PM so gotta wait till i can do those squats hehe :)

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