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Discussion on: Tackling Complexity in the Heart of Domain-Driven Design

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David Strauß

After stumbling upon DDD I'm currently trying to practice and breath my newfound knowledge. In my case I need to build things to see how it goes and to self-evaluate my knowledge base. And to be honest in the beginning it was hard to accept for me that there is no single way to implement .

I attribute that to "being used to work with a framework" (Ruby on Rails). I literally have to relearn to think about how to structure my software and not do it the framework schema. I guess many others are confronted with these kind of frustrations.

Thankfully I did not attribute my failings to produce source code to DDD but rediscovered software engineering. Looking back I think it's good that there were not so many code examples. It forced me to think and figure out myself "What do I need to implement the bounded context?".

So I do agree with you that there is enormous value in the non-tactical part of DDD. As a beginner it's just hard to see and except.