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COVID-19 resources for developers, plus new API updates and features

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Today's digest is focused on updates, features, guides, and videos that specifically help developers and businesses adapt to COVID-19. This includes product tips (like pausing subscriptions instead of canceling them), API updates (since keeping Stripe’s infrastructure reliable is crucial to you serving your customers), and resources for developers who are helping move offline businesses online.

We say this in each digest, but we really mean it in this one: we're here to help. Please reach out if you have questions or ideas, whether they're about specific integration challenges or ideas for adapting over the coming months.


COVID-19 resources

You can see all our COVID-19 resources, including country-specific guides to getting government aid and ways to help public health organizations responding to COVID-19, on our website.


Shifting businesses and nonprofits online

We’ve collected a handful of tutorials for the many of you that are helping your community move their businesses and nonprofits online. You can also subscribe to our YouTube channel for upcoming online payment demos over the next few weeks.


More API updates and guides


Community guides

Remote Gear

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