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Such good advice! Thanks for putting this list together, Emma!

I think the mind tricks in here (dealing with imposter syndrome, getting involved with a new community, asking for help, etc.) are the toughest ones to master, but also the most valuable/rewarding to get a handle on. These are things that apply not only to software engineering and professional development, but also to any area of one's life where improvement and mastery is the goal.

In my experience, it doesn't matter if you're self-taught and new to the game, or decades into it with all the degrees and experience, those things can still be challenges you have to face on a regular basis. In fact, if you don't ever face those things, it might be that you're not pushing yourself hard enough.

Getting comfortable being uncomfortable is a great skill to build, as growth and learning tend to happen outside of one's comfort zone.

As soon as you start feeling like the expert and like you have all the answers, it's probably time to start working on mastering a new technology.

It's also good to remember that we're all new to it every time a new technology comes out or gets chosen for a project we're working on. As such, it's important to focus on oneself and doing the best job we can do with whatever we're currently working on, rather than comparing ourselves to others and measuring our success against others' skill sets and timelines.

Seriously, this is all great advice! 👏 Thanks again for sharing it!

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