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Discussion on: A Chat Progressive Web App

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for testing i go with fake account... so its annoying to connect with my gmail account
yes its problematic even tho its an open project or anything... you shouldnt have use google authentication then. let us create fake users.... or delete your database periodically

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aladinyo Author

Yes I understand what you mean but I didn't give any terms and conditions to agree on because you see when you use an app like whatsapp they give you this page and they tell you that you will give your data and you can delete it ...etc but here in my app I didn't do that so it's 100% your responsibility to use a fake account also the law doesn't say anything in this situation because there are no terms and conditions and I didn't promise you to do that and I told you it's an open source project and in the app when you sign in with google it also tells you that you will give your data and you already know it's just a demo of a project so you souldn't continue in the app.
I hope you understand me and thank you for pointing out this you can use a fake account and talk with me just search for "alaa".
Thank you so much.

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