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Subbu Lakshmanan

I have been suggested to stay away from ‘rebase’ by one of reputed software consultant who has GDE certification and authored several pluralsight courses. What is your take on that comment? I know I’m being very generic without including any scenario or examples. However is there any example situation in which you would recommend not to use rebase?

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Jason McCreary Ask Me Anything • Edited

The reason people shy away from rebase is because it rewrites history - meaning it changes the commit SHAs. So if you're sharing your work with others, that can be a problem.

It's likely this consultant was the victim of a force push and made a sweeping statement to never use rebase again. We've all been there. It's frustrating.

Being mindful of which commands, like rebase, can rewrite history resolves this issue. Then you can use it appropriately. For example, I use rebase often. But I do so at the end - right before merging - so I limit the chance for it to affect other developers.

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Aditya Kulkarni

Could you please elaborate on how it can affect others ? I have recently started using rebase working with my friends and have found it easy to simplify the merging.