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My First Four Weeks At A Startup


People that share your work ethic and personal investment, long crunchy hours, but all marching towards a common goal.


I got my degree in December of 2015. Since then, I've worked at a large corporation, a medium company trying to stay relevant, a small international company living on the edge of media app technology, and finally a startup.

Startups come in all shapes and sizes. This would be my first startup. I'm used to the conservative (not politically) corporate cultures that my father always prepared me for. The corporate I worked for was all too familiar. Sure, they let us wear what we wanted, but you felt judged more closely for it. I worked 8-5, Monday through Friday. It was safe, but uninteresting.

What it's like

Enter the wild-west frontier of startup culture. Got something that needs to be done and it's "not your job"? Do it anyway. Now it's your job. Yes, you already wear 3 other hats, but that's OK.

It's been fun, exciting, and challenging. I like a good challenge. This is also my first time using React. React is fun. I've used Angular and Vue before, but I feel somewhat more marketable knowing React.

I've gotten to use my corporate knowledge about DevOps and automate my deployment pipeline.

Corporate vs Startup

Corporate: We need to automate and go faster! "Great! Let's push this off until next year to keep the business salivating with features"

Startup: We need to automate and go faster! "Oh, I just merged that in. We're pushing to production now."

We just launched our early access program and we're just now ramping up new features towards our big launch at the beginning of next year.

The hours are long, but I'm enjoying it. I get to work with great people and play with all the tech I want.

What's the Startup?

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Colton Lathrop

You should do an overview of your tech stack! With the browser experience being react, and releases on Android and IOS - I assume this is ReactNative for those platforms?

It would be cool to hear how you are planning on scaling the video formatting and playback options I see. I'll give you a follow in hopes you do this!