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Discussion on: Apollo pagination tutorial: using fetchMore()

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Sudeepto Dutta

Great article @emma . I have recently updated from apollo-boost to @apollo/client v3.2.7.

Now the recommended way to handle pagination is to remove updateQuery and use merge and read function or use helper functions provided by the Apollo team for various different types of pagination (viz. offset-based, cursor-based)

I'm a front-end dev using a Relay Graphql backend. We have Relay style cursor based pagination. The documentation felt a bit sparse at the moment so currently finding it difficult to migrate my updateQuery implementations to field query as suggested by Apollo team in the form of console warnings.

Do you plan to update / release a new post to share how to handle pagination with the new changes ?

Thank You.

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Emma Goto 🍙 Author

Hi Sudeepto - unfortunately I don't think my team is looking to upgrade anytime soon so we're still using updateQuery for now!