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re: Hi Quentin, I run a technical blog that I decided to take seriously ~5 months ago. I am no expert but I'll drop my 2c. Is it a good idea to have ...

It helps a lot, thanks for your answer!

Just a few things:

If you just want to write and have no intentions of building an "audience" and be followed by your friends, blog about what you want. Otherwise pick a broad topic [...]

In any case, most of the content will be focused on the same topic (dev stuff), the rest will be very occasional and I'll see about that in the long run.

You should also aim to write a blog post every X days.

Good advice. I had in mind a fixed schedule for "full" articles, once a week for starters, and then a few "small" articles (quick tutorials or news) to fill the gaps between two "full" articles, on a less strict schedule.

I use Hugo. It's pretty cool. And host on Netlify ( Wrote a bit of how I run the blog on

I've had a quick at Hugo a few days ago, it's one of the candidates (Jekyll and Nuxt being the other two). Although static sites generators all seems equivalent to me, so I guess I'll just pick the one I'm more familiar with (which is Jekyll). As for Netlify I'll definitly have a closer look at it, thanks!

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