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re: Broken packages is extremely rare. The malware stuff was removed under an hour. Shit happens, what's important is how they deal with it. Also if y...

Well I did use Arch for years and while it's true that I doesn't break THAT often, it still can happen (and it happened to me a few times). I'm not saying it's a bad distro, it's awesome, but if you want guaranteed stability (without taking time to double check things when you update), rolling release (on Arch or otherwise) is not the best idea.

Also, don't take my first post too seriously, it was a bit satirical :)

If you find Arch too much "cutting edge", maybe you could give Manjaro a try ! You get Arch benefits but packages updates are much more tested, so less risks(:

I'm surprised nobody has mentioned Arch-based, installer is very nice, can support live CD mode.

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