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As @quii said, not working 12 hours a day would definitely help, although I suspect it's not that easy or you would have done it already!

I don't know how "out of shape" you are but the top 3 things to keep a healthy lifestyle are:

  • Food
  • Sleep
  • Exercise

What you eat is probably the most important thing because it's (IMHO) the easiest thing to control and it has a huge impact on your health and shape, especially in the long run.
Then comes sleep: good sleep is essential to a good health, think about quality rather than quantity!
Finally, exercise is always good, but it indeed takes time. But even a small amount of exercise (let's say 25 minutes three times a week) can make you an healthier person, and it's awesome to relieve pressure and stress (which are bad for your health).

Anyway, take care of yourself, work is important, but your health is even more important!


I’ve been cutting back and changing my food with no real luck. I don’t excercise as much as I should, I only manage to do about 6KM a day biking, and 7000 steps walking around office, to bike, store, etc daily. Despite this amount, I haven’t lost a single pound in almost 3 months


Well, that's already a fair amount of exercise (much more than what I do myself to be honest (30 minutes of "light" workout four times a week)).

As for the food, I'm no expert but something worth trying is chrono-nutriton (feel free to Google about it, this is the first article written in english I found, I mostly read about it in French).


Really do try counting calories. Get myFitnessPal and set it to 1kg per week weight loss. The first week is horrible, but then it gets easier. Don't worry about carbs/fats/etc., just watch the energy. I'm doing this currently again, for me it's 1500 a day plus biking for an hour gets me 300 more.

It's interesting if you have never done it before; you won't believe how many calories there are in certain foods.

Also: Sleep. Get at least 8 hrs a day.

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