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There is nothing wrong about coding only at work and wanting to do something else when you're at home.

Sure people often say that a developer learns a lot from his side projects and what he does at home but that doesn't mean it's an obligation, you can be a very good developer without that.

Also you should use your spare time to relax and think about something else, if you force yourself to code on your free time you'll just end up bored and tired of coding, not a great plan!

I struggle with that also, I love to code, even on my spare time, and I have an unreasonable amount of active side projects, but when I come home from work, I just want to jump on the couch and relax by watching a TV show or playing video games (although I'm not sure playing Dark Souls is that relaxing 😂). That does not make me a bad or unmotivated developer, just someone who needs to relax after a day of work. Like... you know... a normal person.


Both coding, and Dark Souls are similar I suppose! They both have steep learning curves, can have elements that are tough to progress past, and are downright frustrating on occasion. :)

Although coding doesn't have cheap kills from hidden enemies....yet.


Yeah but can you hide from bugs behind a shield and backstab them? I think not.


Although coding doesn't have cheap kills from hidden enemies....yet.

Dunno, I think some stupid bugs count as kills from hidden enemies.

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