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re: Since when in the UX world you tell the users to install an extension on their browsers to use emojis :D As for the native app read in the comment...

I'm not saying telling users to install a browser extension is a good thing, just that the "emojis on websites" problem is a wider problem than a per-website issue. Also I believe the team are OSX users, they might be a little biased towards emojis with their super futuristic OS that supports emojis 😋 (that IS a joke, do not hit me 😇)

As for the last part, I was not asking you to contribute, I was just saying that the GitHub issues might be a better place to submit some of your ideas (like the simpler UI, and, for the record, I do agree with this one, at least partly) than a post here... because it will sink eventually and might never get the visibility an issue would have had.

GitHub issues might be a better

Ah... I get it, thanks for elaborating!

Well, Github issues are good but IMO for reporting, not for discussions (at least for cuz here feels a bit better for discussing).

And yeah I agree on your point, I was just a bit lazy to take that point separately into github :D

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