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re: Seriously speaking, how can you interact with others where written words are the only medium Uhh. I find the current wordless interaction on DEV...

That's simple:

  • "heart" means you like that!
  • "unicorn" means you like that... more... maybe. Or you just like unicorns!
  • "bookmark" is when you... like... ok I give up.

Jokes aside, the "heart" is nothing more than a like button and the "bookmark" one is nice for people who haven't heard of Pocket (again, joking... last one, promised). As for the unicorn, I simply see it as a fun bit, not everything has to be 100% useful 😀

The three dots are side features (link, Twitter share and abuse report).


The unicorn one keeps weirding me out, honestly.

Actually it's related to the design time of dev "ah what are we gonna make... like button or heart or clap?", and then the unicorn came up :D


"bookmark" is when you... like... ok I give up.

Bookmarking actually does bookmark the article for later on your account's reading list.

Mine's pretty perpetually full of stuff... which is why I'm now coming back to this article!

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