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re: I have a personal one, for general day-to-day things, this is generally as secure as I can make it with a good password, two-factor auth etc. A "pr...

Aren't there better solutions than a mail account for the last use case?


Quite likely, but I'll be honest I don't care too much about it. It's stuff like passphrases for websites I don't quite care enough about.

I am looking at investing in a Password Manager though, and there are solutions out there like LastPass that may be a better solutions to that.

I started using a password manager recently and that's honestly life changing. You should take a look at Bitwarden: it's free, open-source and self-hostable (but not only, they provide a public instance). You can store passwords/credentials (obviously), credit cards, identity and secured notes (chunks of text, you can put whatever you want in it).


Google mail accounts are great for archiving. Even without buying extra space, you can store years (decades?) worth of content. Can do it with either an auto-forwarding rule or, if you're just setting it up, a simple IMAP-based copy.

Aren't there better solutions than a mail account for the last use case?

The beauty is it's kept in a portable, easy to access structure (its original format) and usually stays accessible via its former methods. Can't really say the same for things like PSTs and some purpose-built mail-archival solutions.

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