re: Why would you consider Linux over Windows? VIEW POST


Because it's not Windows.

I mean, literally:

Feature Linux Windows
UNIX CLI tools Yes No
Terminal-based OS Yes No
Packaging system (natively) Yes No
Distributions giving a solid choice regarding update cycles Yes No (update = trouble, far too often)
Robust Yes Debatable
Free ($$$) Yes No
Free and open-source Yes No
Lightweight (I have a shitty laptop) Yes No
Same environment on a server Yes No (unless you use Windows Server, but... seriously?)
Alternative Window Manager/Desktop Environment Yes No

That's not to say "Linux > Windows", but all those features are things that I need to work efficiently, and Windows just does not provide those things (or not as I would want them).

And to be fair, most of those are UNIX features, not Linux. I could have most of those things with a BSD distribution or OSX... but I'm neither crazy nor rich ;)

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