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Pull request to other's repository

For this week, I create an issue in my partner's repo about support markdown. The issue raised about to edit function to add markdown the type of file and markdown features(Bold, Italic, Anchor, h1, and h2) are added to change to HTML tags.

And I forked my partner's repository and I start to read how he write from top to bottom. And I started to edit some parts of the code to add a markdown feature on his application. It was quite hard because I did not use C# before I saw his code. However, the syntax was very similar to javascript. So, I just google some of the syntaxes that I need to work on and started to write the code. It took me around 2hours to finish creating whole markdown features. Because I need to google all the syntax that I want to write on his application.

After I push my code to the forked repository and I requested him to pull my codes to his main repository. I think that part was the most tricky part for me in this lab. This is because I did not know how should I write the pull request in detail. Hence, I closed the original Issue and write the new one with full details and ask my professor for help. And there was an interesting part to me. I thought every push I did, I need to create a new pull request. But, the professor told me that it is auto-updated!! That was quite surprising to me and I makes me feel better. Because to write the new pull request, it requires me some time to think and write how the partner will understand my pull request without any misunderstanding some parts.

After my partner reviewed my code, he asked me to put some more functions, such as he wants me to create HTML files in the dist folder in the main directory, not inside the folder where the original MD and text files are located and remove the unnecessary files and folders in the git repository.

For the first request, it was easy to fix it, because I can just edit some path in the functions and while I fix this part, I found that I made a typo in from Bold to Italic in create HTML tags. However, for the second one, I tried to research on google how to include it in the .gitignore file. But all the ways I found were not working. Hence, I just commit the files and folders one by one except the two folders that I need to remove.

And my partner also created an issue about add markdown feature and requested to pull to my main repository. And there were two parts that I want him to edit from my code, So, I requested him to edit some of his code. The first one is to convert both text and MD files in one folder to HTML and edit a typo from to README.txt. He did very great work on my application. I was very satisfied with his code. I think it is so great that others add good features to my project because they can come up with something I cannot think of or found the error.

To sum up, the two most hard and interesting part in this lab was all about git. I think it is a very good experience because I learn how to use git more efficiently.

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