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Haven't seen a mention of Feathers yet, which is the framework I chose about 2 years ago for my side project IronMic.

It was quick to learn and work with, is built on top of Express, supports realtime features, and is still receiving maintenance and new features.

My main gripe with Feathers was lack of built-in features similar to other frameworks like Rails and Laravel, but it seems like that has been improved in the most recent version with the addition of JWT-based authentication. There are still more that I would like to see added such as queue management.

At the time, the best two options were Feathers or Sails, and I don't regret choosing Feathers. Today, the landscape has grown with solid options like Adonis, Nest, and Foal TS.

For me, Feathers is the boring framework, but only because I am familiar with the code, features, and community. Looking forward to trying out Adonis and Foal TS the most, but there is no guarantee that they are better. Definitely wish there was a goto option besides Express!

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