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Discussion on: Using Cookies, Puppeteer & NodeJS To Mirror A Chrome Profile on macOS

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Hi Reece, This is so useful that I can't live without it now.

About the PR for the Promise wrapper awaiting approval -

I can seed that they are contributed by you -
"Reece Daniels added 2 commits on Mar 22, 2020"

However, do you know who owns It has all your changes but licensed as somebody else -- see

If you know him, could you ask him to publish an alternative npm module please? Else would you do it yourself?
That's actually what I'm trying to do here.
chrome-cookies-secure has been out of maintenance for a year now and the world needs that Promise wrapped version.


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Reece Daniels • Edited

Hi Suntong,

Sorry about the delay but you probably noticed from your own comments on the PR, we merged it in about a year ago