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Announcing ScoutX Mobile: An emergency notification app for Diabetics

This is a milestone for me. It's huge. Today I won't write from the technical perspective. Today I am writing as a type 1 diabetic feeling proud of a tool that can save lives as it has saved mine.

Over a year ago i released the ScoutX project. It is comprised of:

  • A Flask application where users can input their Nightscout entries endpoint. This app is constantly listening for values and when these are above or below range it fires and alert and calls the diabetic patient first, to alert them of irregular values. Should the patient not answer the call, an alert is sent to their trusted contacts to notify of irregular values.

  • A WisBlock + Helium (IoT + LoRaWan) tracker to send data to nightscout and provide GPS precise location, so emergency contacts can receive notifications with location in case of values being above or beyond the urgent high/low blood glucose levels without depending on a mobile connection.

Today, I am proudly releasing a mobile app built on Ionic & Angular that gets blood sugar data from Nightscout and adds geolocation so if values go into urgent low/high levels, alerts can be sent to emergency contacts.

You can check the repository here:

I know many, like me will feel safer. I can imagine parents feeling more relieved and I as a type 1 diabetic know that if anything happens, my relatives and friends who i trust will be notified and know to reach out to emergency services if necessary.

There are MANY more features to add. More ways to expand connectivity even with the IoT component of this project. This is only the beginning and I know many of you will be able to contribute with your expertise, your ideas and everything you can bring to the table to use your and our superpowers in tech for good.

I want to thank Josue Gutierrez, Jorge Cano, Salma Alam-Naylor and Natalia Venditto for all your support and help. Thank you for helping me make this project possible!

Also those who were with me from the very beginning of the ScoutX project: Maria Hernandez, Rak Wireless, Helium, Melvin Vega, Vikas Malepati and The Nightscout Foundation.

I know this is a step forward and that with more visibility and contributions from fellow developers we will make a huge difference for Diabetics around the world.

Tutorials are coming soon! ⭐️

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