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Learning Rust Offline

I would be on a 13 hour flight and I look for some good offline resources to learn rust:

The Rust Programming Language

This is THE first book to rust. If you already have rustup installed on your laptop, you can read the book from your browser offline pretty easily

rustup doc --book
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Rust by example

While the first book gives you lots of background and theory, this book gives you some more examples for some common tasks that can get you started. The github page gives you instruction to use mdbook, which allows you to read the book offline.

Rust Cookbook

I found this book really practical. It has some example, say to connect to a database, manipulating datetime, which are very common things you need to deal with at work. Again, blessed by mdbook, you can read it offline too!

Async Rust

Another common task you will come across a lot at work is parallelism. The textbook way to handle it is threading. but for small/simple task (eg downloading files from web), async may be a better choice since it consume less resources. This book gives a good walk through of this feature in rust. Of course, it can be read offline with mdbook !

So thats it! If you are also preparing for your flight ✈️, I wish you a safe journey!

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