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API Authentication using Laravel Sanctum

Suresh Ramani
I am working on Laravel, Vue.js, React.js ( Learning ), and a little bit familiar with Node.js,, and MongoDB. and I am do all stuff on Ubuntu so I familiar with Linux Operating System.
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What is Laravel Sanctum?
Laravel Sanctum provides a featherweight authentication system for SPAs (single page applications), mobile applications, and simple, token-based APIs. Sanctum allows each user of your application to generate multiple API tokens for their account. These tokens may be granted abilities/scopes which specify which actions the tokens are allowed to perform. Here are some reasons you might want to choose Sanctum over Passport:

  1. Passport is implemented with OAuth2 authentication. If you are not using that, then Sanctum is your go-to for issuing API tokens.
  2. Sanctum is a featherweight, meaning it is light and simple to implement.
  3. Sanctum works with SPAs (Single Page Applications like Vue, Angular, and React) and supports mobile application authentication.

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