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Nice to read your self knowledge. At least I agree, that using Linux might needs kind of self discipline, because you can adjust anything on it.
But as you noticed, it's not a downside, but it might show you that you have a lack of self-discipline.

For me I finally got this self-discipline since some years now.

The changing Point for me was to see Linux as it is... an Operating System (OS). Nothing more, and nothing less.

The exact same thing like you have on windows now, was my result: I have full configured Linux, using my awesome working Applications for doing my daily work (App & Mobile-Development), and nothing more.

What really helps to archive this? I use a rolling Distribution (Manjaro), and I don't care about Eye-Candy or other stuff on Linux (btw: Manjaro/KDE is Eyecandy out of the Box). I think about, what at least is the benefit to spending time in this (Linux tweaking) or that (earning money by productivity). So the decision is easy.

So no need to waste time to change the OS. But hey, if it helps you out to focus again, and give a new starting Point for your productivity... it's fine.

Finally to say: What ever OS you use: Set your goals, and reach them.


Yes, my self control is awfully weak. And Iā€™m easily distracted. I accept those weaknesses.

On the other hand Manjaro is great. I used their cinnamon spin for some time and played around with the i3 and flagship xfce. I really enjoyed it.

By the way, did I say I was a chronic distro hopper also.

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