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I joined a team that was trained by Thought-works (beginners of agile) when I started my career. Agile was awesome but it had one weak point, "the teams can modify it according to their convenience". I think that's where everything broke.

Management team started to drop all the needed part of methodology and agile started getting narrowed down. Today it stands to say, "deliver whatever is needed immediately".

There are reasons to this. In early days when waterfall model was followed, there was 6 months as design phase which people didn't utilise effectively to think and to figure out deeper aspects of the product. Mostly it was time gone in vain.

Agile had the kick of giving immediate product. But nowadays people are giving prototype in the name of product. It's not actually agile.

Agile had a standup meeting to last within ten minutes. No one asks any questions unlike nowadays it goes on for hours.

TDD test driven development, we were given enough time to write test cases first and then the code. Nowadays for faster delivery it's very hard to follow TDD. I remember we wrote 200 lines of test code for 100 lines of code.

Pair programming, it's forgotten a way long back because it consumes two developer time. It is a very strategic process to build a stable product. Because while one codes, the other watches to identify missed scenarios, edge cases, better patterns and more. Juniors can be easily trained to high level of code quality in a span of 6 months when they are paired.

Continuous integration was a must.

It was 2 months cycle as I remember. 1st week, everyone sat together to estimate and assign the task. That 2 months was considered quick delivery. Nowadays it's reduced to 2 weeks!

Agile actually creates a very stable product if followed properly. Gone are the days 😐


"Agile had a standup meeting to last within ten minutes."
Please, wording matters. There is no standup in the agile manifesto. You write agile and you mean Scrum. And Scrum, is a framework, not a method, even less a methodology.


It was back in 2008 when we hadn't heard of the word scrum but yet we had standup meetings on a daily basis


I think you're mistaken if there's a one size fits all solution, this all depends on the company and their release cycle needs. Your 2 months may have been great, but for others it would be an eternity.

Agile is meant to be flexible and a take what you need approach, however it really helps if you have people that know what that means and how to implement it


That's right. When we wait for the order in a restaurant, it looks like we have been waiting forever with the hungry stomach.

But for the chef and team, it takes breathless moments to deliver as fast as possible. Even after that they may read in a review that orders are delayed.

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