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Sven Hettwer
Sven Hettwer

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Why I started!

Well, I think it would be a good start for my blog if I explain why I started.

It may sound easy to start with a blog post but it actually cost me four or five attempts to formulate these first words.

I think the main reason for me is a pragmatic one. By the end of this week, I leave the company I worked the last few years for. While I was working there, I was an active member of the software developer community, because I love to share knowledge. I gave tech talks about various topics like Reactive programming with ReactiveX or clean code, I wrote blog posts about many things worth to share and I created a clean code community to teach others. I would have liked to do some more community work but daily business needs to be done, too.

So because I’m leaving I was looking for a possibility to keep in contact with my old colleagues and continue sharing what I’ve learned and what I work with. And here we are!

I’ll try to write as much as I can and hope, that you’ll find it interesting.

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