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19 App Ideas for the Job Challenge

Here are some APIs and some app ideas that you can try for making projects and those can help you get a job or an internship.

All the data has been collected from the live stream done by Tanay Pratap and Sarosh Mohammad in the Instagram account of Tanay. You can get the list of all this API from the resources section given below.

Clarifai API

It offers image and video recognition as a service. It can recognize Celebrities, food, travel, face, NSFW and a lot more.

You can use this API to make a gallery app that can tag your photos and you can use it to easily navigate to the right photo by searching for that tag.

This can be also helped in a nutrition app where you can give it some photos and this API can get you the food name and type and combining with other APIs you can make the user know about the nutrition value of the app. This can turn out to be an awesome Diet App.

Open Weather Weather API

It offers Current & Forecast weather data collection. Access current weather data for any location including over 200,000 cities.

This can be married with a travel booking app so that you can get some really good suggestions about the weather of the location for which you are booking tickets for your travel period so that you can choose whether to go or not.

It can also turn out to be a great Chrome Plugin that can give you the weather for the location of the period for which you are planning your journey. And you can decide accordingly.


Can be used to get Programming and Miscellaneous jokes.

You can make an NPM package out of it which can put some good jokes in front of the user while the page loads. This can make the waiting for the page load very interesting. This also may happen that the user stops the page loading to read the joke. 😉

This can be used in a chatbot which can suggest you put some jokes in the middle of any humorous conversation.

Edamam API

It offers access to a vast database of Recipes! (Also with Nutrition info for the diet conscious)

You can think of making a product where it challenges a recipe every day to make. Perfect skill to learn while quarantine is going on 😋. This can be a really good Recipe App for the diet conscious people where they can put the nutrition value like the amount calorie, carb, protein, etc and it can suggest some really good recipe.


This API gets a screenshot from a webpage. Simply indicate the webpage url, and our API will do the rest. You can also indicate various parameters such as width, height, allocated time, and mobile view settings.

This can be used in a blog to put some screenshots. In case the page is removed then this can be useful.


This provides API support for Aadhaar, eKYC, eSign, UPI and DigitalLocker. API’s for India made for people.

This API can be used for verifying the Aadhar number of users. And the use of UPI can not be kept limited.

Corona API

This lets you get status of affected people, recovered cases and much more., you can access it here

You can make an infographic app and show the status of this widespread pandemic.


Provides you with JSON API supporting 173 languages, a simple way to automate language detection. You can access it here.

This API is useful in interaction with people with other countries whose language you cannot understand. This can be used in a chatbot or can be used in the chat of multiplayer games. In multiplayer games like PUBG where gammers from different countries play together and chat, you can integrate this there and do the live translation of chats.

Mailbox Validator:

The Single Email Validation API does validation on a single email address and returns all the validation results in either JSON or XML format.

This API can be great while email validation. If the app uses the email for sending subscription emails or newsletter then it can be used greatly for the validation. The user cannot get away by entering a fake email id.


Provides API with the data of random activities to fight boredom.

This can be merged with the Corona App so that you don’t feel bored while the quarantine or self-isolation.


Provides API with Historical data regarding holidays.

This can be used as a very good trivia app. This can be great if you can be integrated into a loader in booking or planning applications. This is a great thing for engagement in your portfolio or your blog.


They have APIs that return Mars images captured by rovers, APIs for earth pictures from space and an API that returns near-earth objects.

This would be great to make a wallpaper app. Some kind of theme app would be a great app to build around this API.

Spotify API

It provides API to manage spotify play list, pause, play songs, make playlist and much more

This can be used to get a suggestion about some really good music. This can be used as an app that can suggest music based on your mood. You can also give it a piece of music and you can get music out of that.

This can be an added on top of Instagram to give you music to put on your stories by the analysis of the images in the story.

Google Books API

By using google book API application can perform full-text searches and retrieve book information, viewability, and eBook availability. It can also manage personal bookshelves.

This can turn out to be a great recommendation system for books. You can get books based on your likes. You can put genre, past reading history, social profile, and other things and with the help of some AI Engines, you can get the recommendation and then can suggest some really good pieces of books.

You can also you this to get quotes from a book or the other way around. This can also be turned into a Chrome Plugin where you can get all of the details of the quote, who wrote it, from which book it came from and all other information.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

Provides API with data of PUBG players and stats.

With the help of this, you can develop some online games like the trump card. This can be a stress buster and at the time of quarantine, it can help you get out of boredom.

Rick and Morty API

Information about the characters from the series, “Rick and Morty”

With the API of this amazing cartoon series, you can make some trivia app. You can also make an app for fan stories.


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