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I was a fresher. I joined a team, which had build an event driven system. There was an event store ..
Unluckily, all senior devs left the team when i joined.. And event store disk space was increasing at rapid speed and business was behind me to keep the product running.
The ops guys were not willing to give more disk space.

I just deleted the events, and converted the architecture to plain CRUD.

It was bliss at that time. But now that I am experienced I realized, i could have done much better than dropping events table


all senior devs left the team when I joined

That sounds super stressful. Just dropping everything in your lap, then leaving. It must have been rough :(


An acquisition happened. The Big company Ora--e to blame. All senio devs left
Managed 4 microservices.

Later left the company due to poor management and then joined a startup. Now i know DDD and event sourcing quite a bit :).

I must say, i was so naive as a fresh out of college guy. Simply deleted event store 😑. I thought how dumb it is to have it in the first place.

Currently i am working in a company where the architect of that design is CTO and when i told my story to him, his reaction was "Did you really just deleted my event store without knowing why it is used 🤦‍♂️"

I only recently started working with microservices and I think event sourcing is really cool. I could see how it would seem kind of weird and useless to a beginner, though.

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