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Discussion on: Svelte for Sites, React for Apps

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swyx Author

what? a svelte site is almost certainly going to be smaller than jquery.

and the easy styling, animation, state mgmt, etc offer a faster dev life cycle to me.

but you do you man. just sharing my own thoughts.

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Zane Milakovic

So it really depends on what you need. My gripe is not what you are writing but the fact you are turning everything into a component that does not have interactivity that needs rerendering, like header, footer, etc.

We spend so much time worried about the developer lifecycle. But we never let HTML and CSS be those things. We keep wrapping them in JS.

Svelte is better than React, and you can bail out with CSS by using custom or tailwind. But most people are doing CSS in JS. It’s just overkill for the user.

JS parse time of bundles on the most popular phones is shit. Once again I am talking about true marketing sites. Not apps.

But if you went vanilla JS, the bundle for sure would be smaller. Even jQuery could be smaller than converting all static HTML into Svelte components.

I am ignoring that you can sprinkle Svelte in, since most sites adopt it for everything.

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swyx Author

hence my point about Islands Architecture and Elder.js. We agree!