Every Web Performance Test Tool

shawn swyx wang πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¬ on March 17, 2020

Canonical URL: https://www.swyx.io/writing/webperf-tests/ Here is every Web Performance Test Tool I know of to help identify issues in your site/g... [Read Full]
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Thank you for sharing those tools! Personnaly I use GTmetrix a lot with Google Lighthouse and Web page test of course. I think Yellow Lab Tools (yellowlab.tools/) is worth mentioning it too, as it helped me sometimes.


Im kind of surprised you didnt list sitespeed.

Its an amazing project - open source, self-hosted, a lot of beautiful reports (including over time). Perfect for medium+ sized companies, to track their progress on this perf journey. ;)


+1 for sitespeed; awesome little toolset I've used for my non-prod environments.


You should add latency.apex.sh/

It let’s you compare two urls and check the latency between multiple regions.

This is great to check out you CDN strategy. We actually used it to make a case that we need a CDN. Because enterprises are still in need of being convinced.


for sure. thank you! never heard of it before!


It is very useful content. Thank you. I want to add webspeedtest.image4.io/ test tool. It is only related to website images. You can optimize and have a faster website with image4io solution.


One more to your list:

PageSpeed Green - can track Google PageSpeed from 5 different regions with CLI integration.


Thanks for the list. Just wanted to share some free tools: websitepulse.com/tools/
Includes four categories of tools:
Website / Webpage Test Tools,
DNS / Blacklist Test Tools,
Service / Email Test Tools,
Network Test Tools.


Nice list! πŸ‘

I think you can add Dareboost in the "Comprehensive Tools" list. I love it!


wow this tool looked simple at first but then i was floored at the number of features. looks great! i do think they should collapse their "yes" checks.


UX is regularly improved, but it is really a nice tool already, and not limited to performance.


Comprehensive list. Great work!


Super cool list of tools. Thanks for sharing!

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