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re: Hey! So is this entire setup serverless? Are there any costs tied to using Netlify? Thanks,

Yes! No costs for me, just the domain purchase with Namecheap, but Netlify is totally free for my purposes here :)


That's pretty sweet.

For your continuous deployments, do you do this directly from the console? Assuming your code is on GitHub, is it possible to deploy certain branches/tags?

For my personal and business site, I am currently using Amazon S3. The setup process was pretty cumbersome at the beginning but the CI/CD pipelines with Bitbucket make it worth it afterwards.

You can deploy certain branches, and you can trigger the deployments on every commit pushed to your branch automatically. I created a small website covidtrackerlite, it is hosted on github and connected with netlify for deployments. As of now I am using the master branch only.

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