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Release Notes 22.03.29 - A Colorful Future With Dark Mode, Audit Log for Enterprise Compliance, and much more!

We're thrilled to present you with the latest and most advanced release of Syntropy Stack! Our team has been working diligently to bring you some of the most exciting features, like Dark Mode, Audit Logs, and much more! We hope these aesthetic and functional updates will improve your Syntropy Stack experience today.

As we progress our technology and grow the ecosystem, we listen closely to our community to build tools that matter. If you have any feedback or ideas, let’s talk on Discord.

Syntropy Stack is free to use.
Access the platform here!

New Features

  • Implemented the ability to download a token as a .txt file
  • Plugged in more services to our health check monitoring
  • Extension of Agent Service & SDN Agent status reporting
  • Set up an SDN Agent Service to maintain the growing network of relay nodes

Dark Mode

One of the most requested features is finally here: Dark mode! Creating a dark mode version for Syntropy Stack was a huge endeavor as our teams had to carefully design and craft for every component and screen. As a result, we created a more balanced color scheme and modernized the look and feel of the platform overall. This feature is available right now, and you can enable it through your account setting.

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Audit Log

The audit log is also here, where you can track what happened on your network connections over time. This is a significant milestone as we implement more enterprise features for compliance and security purposes. The audit log is a centralized stream of all system and user activities within your Syntropy Stack account. Most importantly, the log contains entries when an action is taken and what parameters have changed. This is to help you with security and compliance at your organization to control and monitor your network and account activity. This feature is available right now, and you can access it here.

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  • Improved Connection service representation
  • Improved the performance of the analytics infrastructure
  • Applied multiple improvements to the React components
  • Updated the Network Graph library for better performance
  • Improved the performance and UX of the Datepicker component
  • Connection status modal now refreshes to present the latest connection data

Improved Datepicker

We updated the date picker for better usability.

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Bug Fixes

  • Fixed some advanced filter issues
  • Fixed endpoint deletion process that left uncleared properties
  • Fixed the endpoint status to be correctly refreshed in the boards
  • You won’t be able to create an agent token with an invalid date anymore
  • Fixed the Kubernetes services to be correctly identified and displayed
  • Fixed an issue with agent tokens that are unavailable for deletion
  • Fixed default date range selection in the Analytics date picker
  • Fixed endpoint duplication issue when assigning new tags
  • Fixed the service counter display

Getting Started

Get started with Syntropy Stack with our three-minute quick start video, or follow the documentation for more details. Use Syntropy Stack to streamline your container and multi-cloud deployments and automate network orchestration.

Getting Involved

Our community helps us identify the right problems to solve for our users, whether you're an active user of one of our products or just getting started join our community on Discord! We love to foster communication among developers. Also, don't hesitate to send us a message if you have feedback or need assistance. We're happy to help!

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